About Us

ELMEGA, S.L. was founded on 1975 as a small family business. In a few years it became a company leader in the sector, achieving high levels of business efficiency and productivity, with presence in over 40 countries around the world and a permanent staff of over 30 highly qualified employees. The key of this success lies in the constant search of opportunities to improve quality, price, service and distribution.

Almost all of the more than 3000 reference that we produce are manufactured in the headquarters of Santa Comba and from here they are distributed to our customers worldwide.

The quality of our products and over 35 years of experience in the livestock sector have made us to have the confidence of our customers. Our motto is technology to produce more with less effort, and we apply it with all the ilusion, looking forward to continue having your valuable support.



Camiño vello de Mourelle S/N
15840 Santa Comba, A Coruña

Opening Hours

Mo-Fri: 09:00H - 13:00H
Aften.: 15:00H - 19:00H


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Tfno1: 981 88 05 50
Tfno2: 981 88 05 75

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