From farm land

Facilitate the daily work of farmers, providing them with the best tools and contributing to the welfare of their livestock


Located in the land of livestock farmers, we keep in constant contact with the sector that encourages all the products we manufacture to emphasize the true needs of the workers.

In order to always be close to our customers, we rely on a network of distributors in 40 countries worldwide.

We try to promote an environment of trust and commitment, which transmits to all our clients that this is their home.


Since 1975, we have not stopped paying attention to the needs of our customers, in order to improve our products every day, thanks also to an innovation program and rigorous quality control.


Empathy and respect

Our work is fundamentally based on understanding our clients, listening to them, respecting their requests and suggestions, in order to improve our products and be able to offer personalized solutions.

We also take the welfare of the livestock into account when designing our products.

Constancy and commitment

Being attentive to every detail, striving every day to include improvements is our job. The close relationship we maintain with the sector in general and especially with our clients, makes us conceive our trade as a mission, in which both our workers and our suppliers and distributors are involved.


Our location in the heart of a region with a great agricultural tradition allows us to maintain permanent contact with the sector. Therefore, all our products take into account the real needs of producers.

This location, together with our vast experience and qualification, allows us to design and manufacture truly efficient products for each situation, and guarantee the best installation and support service.

Our solutions

If you want more information about us, our solutions or want to know where your nearest ELMEGA distributor is located, do not hesitate to contact us.